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Check out wedding books and magazines for potential styles or access the World Wide Web for an abundance of information. The right style is out there for you! Find your perfect flower encrusted style and it will be the highlight of your outfit. It's easy to fundraise with flowers at different times of the year. Fundraising flowers are popular items for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas holidays, springtime planting, and fall color. Here are some ideas for fundraising with flowers: Almost everyone buys flowers for their loved ones on Valentine's Day and there's several ways to use it as a fundraiser. First, you can contract with wholesale florists or even grocery stores to buy roses and other flowers at a discount. Next, pre-sell your flower bouquets and roses ahead of time through flyers, word-of-mouth, and direct sales. In addition to the traditional red roses, offer single roses or dozens in different colors such as white or pink. You can also sell them in crystal vases or offer flower arrangements for non-romantic gift giving. After all, children also like to give their mothers flowers on Valentines Day too. You can even offer chocolate roses for all those chocoholics out there. Use flowers for a Valentines Day fundraiser at school. This is a popular way for the student council to raise funds by selling single flowers before school and during breaks for students to send to teachers, friends, or that certain crush. Mothers Day is another great holiday for fundraising flowers. Again, take orders in advance for bouquets and flower arrangements and arrange to buy ahead of time at a discount. With talented help, you can also create unique arrangements from scratch and sell those as well. Boost sales by offering shipping services to out-of-town recipients and include a small markup to cover handling costs. Christmas flowers At Christmastime, poinsettias are another great flower fundraiser.
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